Fat Burning Stack

Fat Burning Stack
Fat Burning Stack
Fat Burning Stack
Fat Burning Stack
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Introducing the Fat Burning Stack - Ignite Your Shred Journey!

Torch Fat- Build Muscle - The Ultimate Arsenal for Your Transformation!  ⮕

Fuel your ambition- conquer every workout and experience the transformation

Introducing our Fat Burning Stack- a powerful combination of our three premium products designed to take your fitness journey to unparalleled heights. We have carefully curated this stack to help you unleash the potential of your body and achieve the sculpted physique you've always desired. Fuel your ambition- conquer every workout and experience the transformation you deserve with our powerful trio - BALLISTICS V2- STRAPPED- and ISO AMMO.

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Iso Ammo - Whey Protein Isolate



ISO AMMO - the pinnacle of precision nutrition designed to elevate your bodybuilding and fitness journey like never before. Our cutting-edge formula boasts a potent blend of premium ingredients including a specialized Digestive Enzyme Complex ensuring maximum absorption and minimizing any potential stomach discomfort. ISO AMMO is not just a protein supplement; it's your key to unlocking peak performance and dominating your fitness goals.


ISO AMMO sets the standard for excellence by combining top-tier ingredients in an expertly crafted formula. Let's delve into the key components that make ISO AMMO a game-changer for your body and performance.

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Key Ingredients  

This gentle, fragrance-free formula features 3 essential ceramides that work together to lock in skins moisture and help restore your skin’s protective barrier, amino acids and hyaluronic acid.


Help restore and maintain skin’s natural barrier 

Silicone Massage Part

Retain and maintain skin’s natural moisture

Function Selection

Support your skin's natural moisturizing factors

Sensitivity Indicator

Gently yet effectively removes dirt, oil and make up

Explosive Ingredient Breakdown

Vitamin B3 (as Niacin)

Supports energy metabolism- heart health- and nerve function for sustained workout performance.

Sodium (from Pink Himalayan Sea Salt)

Maintains fluid balance- aids muscle function- and prevents cramps during intense workouts.

L-Citrulline Malate

Boosts nitric oxide production- enhances blood flow- reduces fatigue- and delivers intense muscle pumps.


Increases muscle carnosine levels- buffers lactic acid- and improves endurance during high-intensity training.

Glycerol Monostearate

Enhances muscle cell hydration- promotes fullness- and vascularity for a pumped appearance.

Creatine HCL

Fuels ATP production- leading to increased strength- power- and muscle growth potential.


Supports energy metabolism- enhances endurance- and may aid in fat utilization during workouts.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Stimulates energy- focus- and performance- reducing perceived exertion and delaying fatigue.

Alpha-GPC 50%:

Boosts cognitive function- improves focus- and supports the mind-muscle connection during training.

BALLISTICS V2 - Incinerate Fat with Power

BALLISTICS V2 is your secret weapon against stubborn fat. This powerful capsule-based fat burner is engineered to deliver long-lasting energy- amplify fat loss and supercharge your metabolism. Experience enhanced mental focus and clarity as you crush your workouts while decreased appetite and cravings keep you on track with your nutrition goals. With BALLISTICS V2- unleash the potential of your mind and body for ultimate fat-burning results.

STRAPPED - Replenish and Thrive

STRAPPED - the ultimate BCAA/EAA blend is your fuel for peak performance. Refreshing flavors and instantized Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) promote muscle recovery- endurance and strength. Our vegan-friendly Essential Amino Acids (EAA's) ensure comprehensive muscle support.


ISO AMMO stands at the forefront of precision nutrition meticulously crafted to revolutionize your bodybuilding and fitness journey. Our state-of-the-art formula is a powerhouse fusion of premium ingredients- with a focus on optimizing absorption and minimizing any potential stomach discomfort through our specialized Digestive Enzyme Complex. ISO AMMO transcends the ordinary propelling you towards unparalleled achievements- as you conquer your fitness goals with unmatched vigor and determination.

Ignite Your Shred Journey - Embrace the Fat Burning Stack Today!

Torch Fat- Ignite Transformation

The Fat Burning Stack is your ticket to a transformed physique and an empowered mind. As you embark on this journey- rest assured that our products are meticulously crafted- backed by science and designed to fuel your ambition without compromising your well-being. Embrace the power of our stack and witness the extraordinary changes in your body and performance.


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Dani Trieu

Classic and must read if you call yourself a crime addict :)

An exciting array of whodunnit short, novella and longer stories featuring mainly her sleuth Hercule Poirot to tickle your interest. A cerebral read without the violence and gun fights to stir things along. A nice change from all the mayhem that you see on TV and hear on the radio today 

Maru Lee

My favorite fiction author. Great start for mystery fiction readers!

Ever since I discovered my grandparents Agatha Christie books at the age of 8-9 I've been a British murder mystery fan. Sadly I lost my entire Christie collection (all 80 books & plays) so it was nice to read these and relieve a more innocent time in my life 

Midu Midu

Quite a complicated mystery, as usual with Agatha Christie.

For a first book, it's already well formed in most ways including the style and weapons used by Agatha Christie in her works. There's a slight whiff of the duo - Poirot and Hastings - being a takeoff, but the characters are so different from those of Holmes and his companion.

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